Posted by: Peter Springett | November 17, 2008

Food and wine: an aperitif

If you take a look at Fourques on a satellite map, you’ll see very quickly that apart from the large town of Perpigan, this area of France is dominated by acre upon acre of vineyards. The tough chalky soil won’t really support any other agriculture, so it’s no surprise that the local industry is still dominated by wine making. About 20 years ago the wine in this region was overlooked by most wholesalers and critics.

But in recent years the local cooperatives and domains have got their act together thanks to new grape blending techniques and smart marketing. The local reds and roses, especially, are starting to find a global audience – check out your local supermarket for bottles from Fitou, Corbieres or the villages of Trouillas and Terrats. As for the food, it upholds the French reputation for outstanding quality at modest prices.

A good three course meal for two, including wine, shouldn’t set you back more than 50 euros and many restaurants are within walking distance.


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