Posted by: Peter Springett | November 18, 2008

Getting wind of some important news

Patrick Doutres, our concierge, called at 5pm this evening. Apparently a freak gust of wind has detached the main gate to the drive and the grounds of the house. The good news is that he’s secured the damaged panel. Now all we need to do is sort out the repairs.

One of the reassuring things about managing the house from Germany is that Monsieur Doutres is so reliable when it comes to day-to-day trouble shooting. Fourques is a quiet village and while I’m not concerned about the security of the house, there are plenty of workshops in the area that will be able to sort things out before the end of the week.

Also reminded M. Doutres that we are coming down for the new year. It’s a bit of a drive from Bonn, but if we set off at 6am on the morning of December 31, we should be there in plenty of time to meet up with friends to see in the new year with some cassoulet and a glass or two of the local pop.

Here’s to the holidays.


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