Posted by: Peter Springett | December 2, 2008

French feedback turns the tables

Another nice message today from one of our French guests who stayed in September. We’re getting more and more enquiries from France and Germany this year. Perhaps to do with the credit crunch, perhaps because the new advertising sites for these audiences are doing their job. We’ve also got the welcome pack translated into French and German.

I’ve included a translation below:

“Nous voulions juste vous dire que nous avions passé un excellent séjour dans votre maisonet nous recommanderons cette location. Si nous pouvons nous permettre une suggestion, il nous a juste manqué une petite table légère à déplacer autour de la piscine pour profiter pleinement du soleil, un peu moins présent le matin sur la terrasse à cette époque de l’année.”

“We just wanted to say that we had an excellent stay at our villa and we will recommend this location. I hope you don’t mind a piece of advice, but we thought the garden could do with a light table that could be moved around the pool to take full advantage of the sun shines just a bit less on the terrace at this time of year.”

We don’t mind at all. And we’ll be adding the additional garden furniture ready for next Spring.


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