Posted by: Peter Springett | May 19, 2009

All set and ready to go for the Summer

I’ve just got back from a week at the villa getting everything ready for the first visitors who arrived last Saturday. Everything is in really good shape and the work that has been carried out earlier this year makes a big difference. The storms in January meant that we had to sadly remove a few of the trees in the back garden, but this also gave us a good opportunity to give the whole area a good overhaul. Although we miss the cypresses that got blown over, it’s a lot neater and there’s a bit more open space, especially around the pool.


We also gave the electrics a thorough update. On a couple of occasions last year the old fusebox had to be reset when lots of appliances were running at the same time. We’ve now got a completely new set up (also tucked away neatly in the storage room) which is completely reliable. Elsewhere we’ve reconfigured the switches for the outdoors lights as we know that the old arrangement was a bit confusing. Now there’s no problem getting the garden and pool lights switched on.

Otherwise it was a case of replacing a few bits and pieces at the start of the season: new pool shower, outdoor chair cushions, new outdoor table (we have two now, one for dining and one by the barbeque or around the pool if you

prefer) and a new parasol. And as I left our team was busy doing a thorough Spring clean, making sure that everything was perfect for our guests.

There was a bit of time to admire the landscape. The snows have melted although you can still see plenty on the top of the Pyrenees in the background to this picture. But the most striking sight was the poppies, which race across the fields as far as you can see. This picture was taken about halfway between Fourques (villa) and Trouillas, about two miles to the north.


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