Posted by: Peter Springett | May 21, 2009

Sardana: the dance of Catalonia

One of the traditional festivals that we enjoy most of all during the summer is the Sardane weekend in Ceret, a beautiful medeival town about 30 minutes drive from the villa. Local dance teams from all over the region arrange themselves into circles, as the traditional drum, woodwind and brass band strikes up. Both the music and the dance are relaxing and almost hypnotic on a warm summer’s day. And like so many cultural aspects of Catalonia, the Sardane belongs to a world of its own, completely removed from Spanish and French influences. 

This picture was actually taken on new year’s day in front of the town hall when the mayor of Ceret was serving upa bracing glass of pastis for all comers. But the main festival takes place between July 17 and 19 this year. If you feel brave enough, it’s easy to join one of the groups, but make sure you have plenty of stamina. Each session can last for 30 minutes or more.



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