Posted by: Peter Springett | December 3, 2009

Eye-on-Earth: a great new way to show visitors the environment

We’re big fans of Internet maps. And like most people renting holiday properties we use Google maps to give our visitors a good idea of where the villa lies in relation to the village, shops, supermarket, and beach. And of course how to find their way there.

But we recently came across a brand new site launched by the European Environmental Agency. Called Eye-on-Earth it gives you an at a glance view of air and water quality all over Europe.

It’s easy to search for your property and you’ll immediately see nearby icons, especially in mountains, lakes and the beach. Roll the mouse pointer over any of these icons and you’ll get up to the minute information on the environment.

You will need to install Microsoft Sliverlight software to view the site, but it’s easy to download, and more and more sites are using this software to present interactive features so it won’t go wasted.

Above all, the site is a great way of reminding people that they’ll get fresh air and clean beaches when they visit your property. By the way, the screen shot shows the area around Perpignan and the Mediterranean coastline.


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