Posted by: Peter Springett | December 7, 2009

It’s the smell, silly. Little things that make your holiday property special

We spent forever this weekend thinking of new ways to attract visitors to the villa. Especially with the New Year just around the corner. We asked friends and family and previous visitors what struck them most about the Rue Rourede. Most of all we wanted something unique, something that would persuade a prospective tenant that they should stay in this particular corner of South-West France.

On Sunday evening I spoke to a friend who has stayed a couple of times. I asked him what he remembered most about his stay. The wine? Maybe the pool or fresh croissants from the village bakery in the morning? “It was the smell.” I beg your pardon? “It was the smell. You know. That smell of pine and blossom that smacks you in the face the moment you turn right out of the Rhone valley, or when you get off the plane at Perpignan airport. The smell that reminds you why you always thought Roussillon was the most fragrant region of France.”

At that point I cut him off before he went all Mary Archer on me. But there you have it. Rue Rourede –  the villa with the famous smell.  It made us wonder – what do your visitors tell you is most special about your property when they stay? And were you as surprised as we were?


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