Posted by: Peter Springett | December 12, 2009

Twitter ye or Twitter ye not?

If you’re reading this post, you probably came via Twitter. By now you probably know the basics. With 19 million users, it’s also the new celebrity communication channel of choice with everyone from Stephen Fry and Ashton Kutcher leading the charge.

But let’s get on to the important business of Twitter in the world of holiday rentals. We’re really keen to find out how you use Twitter to share news with fellow property owners, visitors and the world at large. Is it a fundamental part of the way that you publicise your property? Or is it just a bit of fun keeping up with friends and family?

From our side it’s been really useful keeping up with people struggling with the same challenges as us, but also enjoying the upside that comes from living abroad and seeing visitors enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. And thanks to Twitter we’ve admired new property web sites, Facebook fan pages and even got feedback on our villa photographs through the critical eye of a fellow property owner.

So here are some Twitter tips from us for starters:

1. Register your Twitter identity at and search in detail for owners in the same area as your property.

2. The Twitter home page is far from the best way to manage your account. Download a desktop application from or – especially if you manage more than one Twitter account.

3. Use hashtags to identify the topic of your Tweet and help people find you more easily. Some good advice on hashtags here.

4. Use lists to organise followers and followees. This a fantastic new feature, which you can use to organise your contacts by friends, fellow owners,  or family, for example. There’s a great introduction to lists here.

5. Get a account and use it shorten links. You can squeeze more into your Tweet and you can track the number of people who click through to the page you recommended.

6. Share the good news with a Retweet. When a Tweet touches a nerve, you can be pretty sure others will want to know.

Over to you then! If you rent a holiday property tell us know how you use Twitter. You can enter your tips in the comment box below.



  1. Great post! I would add: Balance your tweets between advertising, sharing relevant articles and blog posts, retweeting interesting tweets, and creating your personality. Asking questions and seeking advice as well as being helpful, creates community.
    Of course I have retweeted your tweet!

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