Posted by: Peter Springett | January 2, 2010

Family friendly: 10 reasons why the villa is perfect for you and the children

During the end of year festivities we had a chance to talk to friends, especially those with families who are planning their holidays this year. With children young and old, they reminded us that when you choose a holiday property to rent, there’s more to your decision than just the food, wine and scenery.

Well, we hope we can offer these a plenty, but here are a few other good reasons why families should enjoy their stay at the villa.

1. Arrive in style. We know what it’s like. You’ve been travelling for what seems like forever. It’s still going to take time to adjust to the gorgeous warm weather and the children are getting restless. So what could be better than stepping into the cool shade of the villa and then leaping into the pool. There’s a cold bottle of white wine in the fridge, a fresh bowl of fruit and all the basics in the kitchen waiting for you.

2. A warm welcome. You don’t want to waste time working out the washing machine or rummaging around for wood for the barbeque. Which is why our concierge, Eric Lesire, will call round the afternoon of your arrival and guide you through everything you need to know about how to get the most out of the villa.

3. The pool. Does it count for this article? Well, for families it keeps the kids out of trouble and it’s a great setting for your end of day sundowners. It’s a decent size too (10m x 5m). Oh, and you don’t need to get up early to reserve the best spot. Like everything about the villa it’s completely private. Enjoy.

4. These things matter: New large capacity washing machine – check. New tumble dryer – check. We also added a dishwasher, microwave, new fridge and oven in 2007. There’s a proper four ring gas hob, naturally. There’s also a stereo, TV and DVD player too. Small stuff, sure, but it all adds up, especially a really well equipped kitchen.

5. Wireless broadband internet: We know that for work and play many people need to stay connected on their travels. No problem – we can provide you with the access key on your arrival.

6. Safety and security: You’ve got plenty of space in both the garden and the villa. But the simple layout ensures that you can always keep a quiet eye on the children. The three main bedrooms, including the children’s bedroom with bunk beds, are all in the same area of the villa. There is off-road parking behind a lockable gate. The pool is also protected by a very strong retractable cover that meets all current pool security regulations. All windows and doors are also lockable.

7. Nearby shops. It’s a five minute walk to the centre of Fourques with its bakery, cafe, prize-winning delicatessen, and grocer. The nearest supermarket is 10 minutes drive away. But for sheer proximity, you can’t beat the Fourques wine shop 100 yards down the road. The rosé is a prize-winner and perfect at the end of the day (see sundowners, 3.).

8. Close to the beach. Argeles-Sur-Mer with its long, sandy, Mediterranean beaches is about 25 minutes drive away. It’s not quite on your doorstep, but at the same time you’re well connected by a good network of recently widened and resurfaced roads. And being a short distance from the beach…

9 …means that you’re only a short distance from the mountains. On most of your drives around Fourques and the nearby villages, you’ll see the stunning peak of the Canigou mountain. Take the car and you’ll be in the foothills of the Pyrenees themselves. From there you can take the famous Yellow Train up to beautiful Mont Louis.

10. Talking of which, children of all ages will enjoy one of the most spectacular railway journeys in the world. When you cross the narrow viaducts that thread the Pyrenees valleys it feels as if you’re suspended in mid air. Close your eyes if heights make you nervous!

Tempted? Give us a call today or drop us an email:

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  1. I think this all sounds very exciting and great for families! Have followed you on Twitter so let’s keep in touch!

    Warm regards
    Wendy for family friendly holidays

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for the comment. You look like the expert, so let us know if there’s anything else we should include to make our place family friendly. I should also have added that we have high chairs and children/toddler beds as well. Great web site too, you definitely know your audience.

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