Posted by: Peter Springett | March 18, 2010

Wired up for networked guests

Getting wireless internet for the villa – along with a widescreen TV and cable – has been a top priority this year. Yes, we’re completely retiling the terrace and the pool, it’s looking great and there will be photos to follow shortly. But we’re finding that for many guests, being able to log on with laptops, netbooks and iPhones is just as important as knowing that the cleaning, linen and towels come included.

There’s more to this than being able to stay in touch using email, for example. More and more of our guests save space when they travel by using a lightweight laptop as their all in one guidebook. They use it to search for directions to local attractions, book tickets and compare the local wines. We’re also finding that many, especially children, use FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace to keep a holiday diary.

It’s a fast broadband connection – about 8Mbps – and as part of the Orange package, we’ve also got about 300 cable channels. Most of these are in French, but we’ve also invested in a set of English channels, including BBC Entertainment. And if you’re going to be visiting during the world cup, don’t worry, nearly all the games are broadcast on TF1 or FR3. They’ll be more details on this so that our visitors from all over Europe can keep up with their teams if they want.

In the meantime, drop us a note on the comments page if you have any questions, technical or otherwise about the set up. By the way, we provide the password to visitors when they arrive – it only takes a minute or two to log on.


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