Posted by: Peter Springett | March 23, 2010

Good heavens, we’re in 3D on Google Streetview

We’re big fans of technology, if you hadn’t already guessed. But even we got a bit of a surprise when we discovered that Google Streetview had mapped Fourques and the Rue de la Rourede where you’ll find the villa.

Quick explanation – Streetview provides you with a 3D tour of the streets of the village and enables you to take a virtual tour of the area including shops, vineyards and more.

It’s easy to take a look around. Go to Google Maps and search for Rue de la Rourede, Fourques, 66300 France. Find the map scale on the left hand side, where you zoom in and out, you’ll see a small orange figure. Just drag and drop this symbol onto the road you want to visit and the two dimensional area map is replace by 3D photography that you can navigate using arrows, zoom buttons and a circular tool, which spins you through a 360 degree view.

Finally, we smiled when we saw the image right at the bottom of the road. The trailer loaded with grapes is a common site in September, so no surprise to see it make a cameo appearance.


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