Posted by: Peter Springett | August 16, 2010

Guest post: wine at Collioure

I got a message from a work colleague about some of the great local wines down at Collioure – one of nearest wine growing regions adjacent to Roussillon-Villages. Here are his tips:

Re Collioure – I first came across wines from there at the London International Wine Festival that I blagged my way into.

I tasted one and was really impressed but wasn’t sure if that was because I’d had a few glasses. So I went on the hunt to find another.

Waitrose claimed to have one but it was never in the Finchley Road store so I went to Berry Bros. Had to sprint down before they close at 6pm and got this one.

I really liked it.

Here’s their blog –

This is the Marks and Spencer one that first caught my attention at the show. Not that I’ve ever seen it in my local M&S either.

So you might need to hunt hard for a bottle, in the UK or Germany (but you’ll find them heaving on every shelf in the area around the villa).


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