Posted by: Peter Springett | October 5, 2010

Weaving through the heart of Perpignan

It takes a lot to get me excited about fabrics, just ask my better half.

But Maison Quinta changed all that today.

This four story  town house in the old quarter of Perpignan is home to Les Toiles du Soleil (the cloth of the sun), a weaving business that’s been supplying brightly coloured cotton and linen for to home makers and interior designers for more than one hundred years.

Take the stairs to the third floor where you’ll find a team of seamstresses carefully stitching table cloths, napkins, curtains, soft toys and more from fabric woven at one of the last functioning Catalan textile factories at Saint Laurent de Cerdans near to the Spanish border in the eastern Pyrenees.

The workshop atmosphere oozes charm, but don’t be deceived.

The technicolour teddy bears and children’s aprons might look cute, but this is a smart, global business with outlets in Paris, Tokyo and New York. Yet somehow it still keeps its thrifty Catalan atmposphere.

On the fourth floor we stepped out onto the terrace past a fast talking ladies of a certain age making appointments and setting targets in old school notebooks (no laptops here).

In between revenue forecasts they found time to bring us huge pots of Saharan tea and succulent pecan and praline pie. Magnificent and not to be missed.

You can find Les Toiles de Soleil on the third floor of Maison Quinta on 3, rue Grande Des Fabriques, 66000 Perpignan

Tel +33 (0)468 34 41 62

Email: maison.quinta@

Website:, (English)


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