Posted by: Peter Springett | October 10, 2010

Breakfast chez Agnes

Breakfast. It’s probably the most important meal of the day. Get the right mix of coffee, hot milk and fresh bed and the day is your oyster. Get it wrong and it could be another three hours before you can find an excuse to refuel again.

We’ve been waiting for a really good breakfast café to open up near Fourques and we think we’ve finally found one in Terrats, about five minutes drive away.

Opening its doors in summer 2010, L’Antre Potes (A Place for Pals), used to be a smokey sports cafe and tabacconist.

Under stylish new management from the enthusiastic Agnès it now offers coffee, tea, local snacks and a lunchtime and evening menu if you’re still feeling peckish later on in the day.

Like all good refurbishments, L’Antre Potes still attracts steady business from the people of Terrats. Last Thursday a large team of workers from the local vineyards were on the terrace taking a well-earned break with a round of panachés (lager-shandies). It was only 11 o o’clock but since most of them had been picking grapes since daybreak, the refreshment was well deserved.

L’Antre Potes, Place St Julien, Terrats


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