Posted by: Peter Springett | October 10, 2010

Say hi to Jordi, the new villa mascot

Here’s Jordi. We first set eyes on him at Maison Quinta in Perpignan and it was love at first sight.

His official colours are Grenadine (pomegranate), but he also reminds us of the gold and red of the Catalan flag that you see everywhere from town halls, to car stickers to road signs. Now our villa mascot, Jordi  enjoys the seat of honour in our living room where he’s responsible for bringing good luck and driving away bad weather.

Why Jordi? That’s easy. St Jordi (Saint George) is the patron saint of Catalonia. Then there’s Jordi Barre, the most famous Catalan singer of the Eastern Pyrenees region who was born in Argelès ninety years ago this year. And of course it’s no accident that Dutch football star Johan Cruyff named his son Jordi in honour of his adopted city of Barcelona.

You can find more brightly coloured teddy bears like Jordi at Maison Quinta, 3 Rue Grande des Fabriques, Perpignan


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