Posted by: Peter Springett | October 24, 2010

Open the door, open a bottle

Wine tasting really shouldn’t be this easy.

Fourques wine cooperative. Wine tasting starts here.

1. Open the gate.

2. Walk downhill about 100 yards to the bottom of the road.

3. Step into the Wine Cooperative of Fourques.

4. Say bonjour to Dominique and ask if you can sample the reds, whites and rosés produced by vineyards that surround the village.

5. Erm, that’s it.

Fast Fourques wine tips
As you may have seen in previous articles, the reds are a good place to start. Try and get one that’s about four years old for a richer, deeper flavour. You’ll pay six or seven euros instead of four, but it’s worth spending extra for something more mature.

Definitely go upmarket with the whites. Less expensive bottles tend to be a bit on the sharp side. And for rosés, give the recent years a taste before you buy. Generally they’re good, but recently they’ve been exceptional.

Dominique and a bottle (or two)

If in doubt, look out for the ‘Aspres’ label—depicting a smooth grey pebble—hung around the neck of the bottle. The very best grapes in the region are said to come from vines grown on stoney ground, which is why the motif was chosen as a symbol of excellence.

Dominique is very laid back, but naturally enthusiastic and precise when it comes to recommendations. When I asked him, two weeks ago, about this year’s harvest he said that it was small, but very good quality.Worth looking out for if you are visiting in 2011.

Every colour for every taste

Because prices are reasonable, and you are in good hands, we recommend buying a few different bottles to taste during the early days of your stay. Once you’ve fallen in love with a particular vintage—and you will—you can stock up thoroughly for the rest of your visit.

Like we say, wine tasting shouldn’t really be this easy. But in Fourques it is.


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