Posted by: Peter Springett | October 31, 2010

Reading between the lines and making the most of feedback

Thanks to the effort that goes into maintaining the villa, and especially the efforts of our concierge, M. Lesire, nearly all of the feedback from our guests is positive. Most give us four or five stars out of five, and many give us the ultimate blessing, which is that they would recommend the villa to friends and relatives.

However, any property owner who claims that their residence is perfect is viewing the world through rose-tinted spectacles. We know that there is always more that we can do to make your stay enjoyable and we look to our guests to tell us what they would add or change.

So when we get a feedback message we always read them closely because we know that somewhere between the lines we can pick up tips. Here’s a quick list of some of the stuff where we’re responding:

Towels: We’re going to add traditional cotton towels to the stock of micro-fibre towels. While micro-fibre works well, and washes and dries quickly, we know that some visitors prefer the feel of cotton. No problem.

Garage: In the past the garage has been used for storing games and other items. But as one set of guests pointed out, in high summer it’s better to be able to store the car in the shade. So we’ll be moving things around so that you can keep the car inside and cool at all times.

Door handles: Small point but important. Although the doors and locks work well and are secure, we’ll be giving all the doors, windows and handles an overhaul to make sure they function and fit smoothly. Summer heat and regular use means that they need a thorough annual check up.

More games for the pool: Swimming lengths is all well and good, but we’re adding to the stock of inflatables, balls and other toys for families and children to play with.

More games for the children: Ok, we confess. We never knew table tennis was so popular. Now that we know what we’re missing we’ll be adding an outdoor table for you to practice your devilish spin serves and your top spin smashes.

Check list for the kitchen: This is the one we should have got right earlier. From now on we’re going to make sure there’s a checklist of non-perishable staples for new arrivals as well as the usual fresh fruit, cold drinks and wine. This includes tablets for the washing machine and dishwasher.

Of course there are plenty of other nips and tucks that we’ll be working on over the winter, but you get our drift. Thanks again for everyone’s positive feedback, but thanks equally for pointing out stuff that we can put right.


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