How to use this web site

As you’ve probably noticed, this site is what technology geeks cunningly refer to as a blog. Which just means its more like a journal or diary than a traditional web site. But we do find it useful for updating visitors or potential visitors on the latest news, new attractions, and things to see or do.

If you’d like to get regular updates – we tend to add news every day or two – then just click on ‘Entries RSS’ underneath ‘Subscribe’ on the right hand side towards the bottom of this page. You’ll automatically get the latest entries delivered via email rather than having check this site to find out what’s going on.

A couple of other tips. You’ll see a cluster of words on the right hand side of various sizes. Just click on the word or phrase that interests you, and you’ll be taken to a list of stories related to that topic. So if you want to see some pictures, click ‘photos’. Food and wine, well you get the idea.

For a more detailed breakdown of costs and availability, please visit our rentals web page:

For further information contact Peter Springett: or call   +49 (0)171 1441 209


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